Elementary School Curriculum

MATH – My Math by McGraw Hill 2013 curriculum is integrated with the interactive white board to allow greater student participation. Also provides guided practice, and a homework page for further practice. Supplemental materials and manipulatives reinforce student learning.

MUSIC – Spotlight on Music Curriculum and supplemental materials, including; Music K-12, Adventures in Music Listening, Folk songs and dances, and more.

BIBLE – Purposeful Design Curriculum uses a variety of teaching tools to introduce students to the stories in the Bible, including; posters, individual student books, CDs, activities, and more.

SCIENCE/HEALTH – Discovering God’s World is a Christian based curriculum that presents science and health concepts related to nature and our bodies.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Vary from year to year and include topics such as, world locations, famous people of the world and the United States, and other topics.

TECHNOLOGY – Technology is taught throughout the day as the students use their classes’ interactive projector and the class computers. First grade and up attend technology classes where they learn keyboarding skills and how to use the Microsoft office programs.

READING – Houghton Mifflin integrates all of the language arts around weekly themes using trade books. Students learn to read using a combination of phonics and sight words. The Daily five is also used each day – THE DAILY FIVE: The term “The Daily five” refers to the five choices that the students will be able to choose once the program is up and running. Each school day students spend around one and a half hours working with the Daily Five. First, they will do a whole group lesson on topics including reading strategies, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and writing. After the whole group lesson, students will break up into groups and do 2-3 sessions of Daily five choices. During the group time, the teacher will also be pulling students to work in small groups or sometimes individually on reading skills and assessments.

Five Choices:

  1. Read to Self – Students will get their book bags (full of good-fit books of their choice) or choose from the classroom library, find a comfortable spot in the classroom, and will read to themselves.
  2. Read to Someone – Students will pair up with a partner. They will both get their book bags, find a comfortable spot in the classroom, and will take turns reading to each other.
  3. Work on Writing – Students will get their Daily 5 journal and write about different topics (some of their choice and some of the teacher’s choice).
  4. Listen to Reading – Students will sit at a listening center and hear a book read to them while they follow along.
  5. Word Work – Students will use different means to create words.