Our mission

Our Mission

Sonshine Christian Early Learning Center’s mission is to serve ALL God’s children by recognizing and responding to the whole child, meeting them where they are at daily and partnering with families to help them grow physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually so that they can impact their world for Christ. 


Independence: Young children are capable of great things when given the time, space and opportunity to practice skills. Independence gives children a sense of accomplishment and pride and grows their confidence in themselves. Confident capable children are better set up to learn and grow and spread the love of Christ to others. Sonshine classrooms are designed to support a child’s independence. Toys and other materials are clearly labeled and arranged so children can access them on their own and put them away unsupported. Developmentally appropriate self help skills are encouraged and supported. Staff scaffold these skills until a child reaches full independence. Watch the amazing things our children are doing!

Empathy: A cornerstone of Christ’s life and our great God is love. We cannot love others well without compassion and empathy. Sonshine intentionally teaches empathy and social problem solving skills that not only set our children up for success in school, but allow them to reflect God’s light to those around them by encouraging them to see the world through the eyes of others. 

Responsibility: Sonshine believes it is important to give children responsibility for their environment and their belongings. Trusting children to care for themselves and their environment builds confidence and pride and helps children learn to be courteous and productive members of a community.

Risk taking: Risk taking and risky play are challenging for adults to allow, however, research shows this type of play is vital to the physical and mental well being of children. Trusting in children’s innate knowledge of their bodies and abilities gives them room to learn the important skills of risk assessment, to better understand their own bodies and to recognize that the adults around them believe in their abilities.

Relationships: Relationships are the foundation for learning and growth. Warm, loving, trusting relationships allow children to become their full selves. We strive to build strong relationships not only with the children in our care but their families and other parts of their community too. Together we can help children grow confidently into their relationship with themselves, their peers, the larger community and God. 

Growing with God: A relationship with God is at the center of all we do. Staff meet children where they are at in their faith journey and encourage connection and growth through everyday interactions, intentional learning and modeling our own personal relationships.