Trista Delo Dunford

Program Director

Trista Delo Dunford, is the dedicated Director of Sonshine Early Learning Center. With a fervent commitment to the families she serves, Trista brings a wealth of passion and knowledge to her role. Beyond her professional journey, Trista’s faith has been a steadfast anchor in her life.

Trista’s path to education took a serendipitous turn. A devoted mother, wife, and enthusiastic gardener, Trista’s love for children was evident from an early age. However, her childhood passion for music initially led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Music. As life’s twists and turns unfolded, Trista found herself in the role of an assistant at a small Head Start program. Overcoming initial hesitations, she recognized her true calling and embarked on a transformative educational journey.

Undeterred by challenges, Trista went back to school to earn her Post Baccalaureate in Early Childhood Education, along with a Washington State teaching certificate. While her original intention was not to teach in public schools, Trista’s heart resonated deeply with the 3-5 year old age group. Her teaching endeavors mainly revolved around Head Start and ECEAP programs, where she flourished as a lead teacher.

A pivotal moment arrived three years ago when Trista was presented with the opportunity to pioneer a therapeutic childcare program for a local treatment center catering to pregnant and postpartum women. This endeavor was a testament to her dedication and marked a blend of challenge and beauty. Though challenging to depart from the program she helped build, Trista’s unwavering priority has always been her family.

Transitioning to Sonshine Early Learning Center allowed Trista to align her priorities while maintaining her connection with children and their families. Her two-year tenure in the Pre-K classroom further enriched her understanding of early childhood education. This wealth of experience, coupled with her supervisory role at the pregnant and postpartum program, has equipped Trista with profound insights that enable her to forge deep connections with the children and families she wholeheartedly serves.

Trista’s journey is a testament to her passion, dedication, and unyielding faith. As the Director of Sonshine Early Learning Center, she continues to nurture young minds and foster an environment of growth and development.