Courtney Hall

Program Director

Courtney brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her role at Sonshine Christian Early Learning Center. Over the past 3 years, she has contributed her talents in various capacities, starting as a School Age Teacher and transitioning to become an invaluable Supervisor. With a cumulative 5 years of involvement in Early Learning, Courtney’s commitment to nurturing young minds and supporting families is unwavering.

Currently on the path to obtaining her Associates of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education, Courtney’s educational pursuits demonstrate her genuine passion for the field. Her ambitions don’t stop there; she plans to advance into the BASTE program, aiming to earn her Bachelor of Applied Science in Teacher Education. This commitment to continuous learning reflects her dedication to providing the best possible educational experiences for the children she serves.

Courtney’s unparalleled enthusiasm for working with children and families stems from her strong foundation in faith, with Jesus as her guiding light. Her presence goes beyond her professional role; she is a compassionate advocate for acceptance equity and inclusivity for all. In times of both joy and challenge, Courtney stands as a steadfast support for families, offering guidance and empathy.

With a heart deeply rooted in her beliefs and a career driven by her passion, Courtney embodies the spirit of unwavering dedication to Early Learning. Her journey at Sonshine Christian Early Learning Center and her broader mission in the field exemplify her role as a beacon of positivity, guidance, and advocacy.