With all this warm weather it is hard not to long for summer! The students have been enjoying their time outside playing in the sunshine today, but also hard at work learning in their classrooms!

This week (April 18th-April 22nd) we are doing a Shower your Teacher with Books e-book fair! Go to z4497.myubam.com/shop to shop for books for the school, or you can shop by each teacher’s book wishlist by clicking the following links. At checkout select ship to school. Please take this opportunity to bless your student’s teacher or the school!

Miss Jone’s Wishlist

Mrs. Lee’s Wishlist

Mrs. Bates’s Wishlist

Mrs. Palmer’s Wishlist

This Friday, April 22nd we are having Pre-K and Kindergarten Graduation pictures. All Pre-K and kindergartener’s will have their picture taken in their cap and gown. If you would like your child’s picture taken please contact us and we will set that up.

Auction tickets are on sale now! The Auction is on Saturday May 14th. Get your tickets in the Daycare or Elementary office. They are $15 each. All proceeds go toward scholarships and purchasing supplies for the school. If you would like to learn more about the auction go to sonshinechristian.org/Auction.

Registration for our next Quickstart Sports session is now open! Soccer is the sport this session! Classes begin on April 25th. For more information and to register go to QuickStartSportsLLC.com.