Good Morning and Happy Monday to all!

Just a reminder that all families are required to contribute 10 hours of service this year per the tuition agreement.

If you need ideas on how to get your hours in please ask as we are looking for volunteers for the following events and activities:

Fall Fun Fest – Saturday, October 26th
Saturday Cafe – Saturday, November 2nd

Annual Silent Auction – March 2020
We need parents to help with donor solicitation, setup and during the auction

Field Trips – we have a variety of field trips this year. Check out the calendar on the website for advance notice of these events and talk to your teacher.

There will be plenty of other opportunities as well.

For more information please refer to the tuition agreement page 4 or check out the link below.

Service Hours page 2019-2020

Form are available in the front office on Rosemary’s desk if you need to fill out for time volunteered. Please fill out and drop in the tuition box in the hall.

Service Hours Voucher PDF