Last week Mrs. Hiller’s first/second grade class took our first field trip of the year to Gentle Dental & Orthodontics in downtown Vancouver.  Student Clark Scholl shares what it was like.

Photo on 10-9-14 at 11.22 AM

What did you think when you first found out that we were going to the dentist for a field trip?
I thought we were gonna brush our teeth the whole time.

My favorite part of the dentist was:
Seeing all the dentist supplies like the mirror that shows our teeth in the way way back.  They were cool!


The weirdest thing that I was was:
The masks that go over their mouths so they don’t get germs.  They looked funny!


I didn’t like:
The mint toothpaste.  I like regular toothpaste a lot better.

The funniest part was:
The purple thing we chewed up an then we looked in the mirror.  Our teeth were all purple!


I learned that:
We have to clean our teeth good and that I will have 30-something teeth when I’m a grown-up.

I want to tell the dentist:
Thank you for helping us keep our teeth clean and teaching us about teeth.

Thank you to everyone at Gentle Dental & Orthodontics for welcoming our 1st & 2nd graders and giving them a fun, enriching field trip!  We had a great time! 🙂